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Miele S5280 Callisto Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S5280 Callisto Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S5280 Callisto Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S5280 Callisto Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features:
  • Mid-size powerbrush. 217-3
  • Deluxe ergonomic handle.
  • Sealed System construction with Miele's Active HEPA filter.
  • Special sound insulation for particularly quiet operation.
  • Warranty: 7-year suction motor; 1-year all non-wearing components.

Miele S5280 Callisto Canister Vacuum Cleaner Product Description:

Miele S5280 Callisto Canister Vacuum Cleaner* Recommended for medium to high pile carpeting and smooth flooring. * Suction control via rotary dial. * 1200 watt Miele-made Vortex Motor system. (Seven Year Motor Warranty) * Sealed system contruction. * 4.76 Quart IntensiveClean Plus dustbag with flap for dust free removal. (2 Supplied). * Active HEPA Filter (1 Supplied) * Electric hose SES 119 with Deluxe Handle * Stainless Steel telescopic wand. * Includes three integrated accessories o Dusting Brush o Upholstery Nozzle o Crevise Tool. * Also Includes: o Parquet Floor Brush SBB 300-3 o Electric Powerbrush SEB 217-3 * 29.5 foot operating radius. * Dustbag change indicator. * Filter Grill. * Safety Shut-off on overheating. * Space-saving storage bracket on each side of vacuum. * Silence insolation. * 2 Year parts and labor warranty (7 Year warranty on motor)

How to Maintain a Miele S5280 Callisto Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S5280 Callisto Canister Vacuum Cleaner user reviews:

By Brian H (Kaneohe, Hawaii)
Apparently 3rd in the hierarchy of 4 models in the new S5 series of Miele vacuum cleaners, the features, price, and accessories are not exactly linear in transition from lower to higher models, nor even across series. Many of the older series models have more features and a higher price than the newer ones. They have fancy names like Capricorn, Red Velvet, and Champagne, leading to much confusion and forcing you to compare each one similar to buying a car. If your browser has tabbed browsing (e.g., Firefox), the best way to figure out which model is best for you is to go to Miele's website and open a tab for each model you're interested in. Flip back and forth to see what text changes. Callisto is the cheapest no frills model of the newest series (newest technology motor?) that still comes with an electronically powered brush (the 4th Pisces model is turbo).

After 3 months of extensive use:

Agility - The 10 ½" wide SEB217-3 electric powerbrush comes standard, and one of the reasons I chose this model. For me, smaller is better. While other vacuums advertise large 13" power brushes to cover more area in a single swipe, I don't have much open carpet space. Coffee tables, chairs, weight benches, and computers, all need vacuuming around and under. The powerbrush swivels well to get around corners.

Brush duster - The most commonly used attachment (for me), the brush duster is also small (slightly larger in diameter than the hose) and the bristles are durable. It's angled by default, but even this plastic piece swivels to straighten out. This is not mentioned anywhere; you just have to figure this out for yourself. On low power, I was able to vacuum places that never got vacuumed before, like over the spider web of computer cables and telephone wires. I even vacuumed the telephone itself and other dust collecting objects on my desk.

Parquet floor brush - Initially, I wondered why Miele would include this accessory when the powerbrush was included, but this "wider brush duster" actually does a better job on hard tiled floors than the powerbrush. The powerbrush seems more designed to churn up stuff from carpets, but the paraquet brush gathers and collects dust stuck to hard surfaces better. On the negative side, you might have to vacuum the brush itself to unstuck the dust, and I wondered why they had to inconvenience the horse for "genuine horse bristles". There is no permanent storage on the vacuum cleaner for the parquet brush, so you have to figure out how to ensure the parts don't get separated for life (the powerbrush takes precedence).

Cord rewind - The mechanical rewind sucked in the entire length of cord every single time, something like 15 for 15 times! (The manual says to pull out the entire length of cord before use to help dissipate heat.)

Price - After all, it's just a vacuum cleaner. There also seems to be price fixing in the newer S5 series, at least when I bought this. Everywhere I checked (maybe 10 websites), the price was exactly $799 or $799.95, with the only difference being no tax and/or free shipping. One website even advertised "The lowest price allowed!" What's a Diamond Dealer? Is this Amway?

Release buttons - The release buttons on the attachments and hose are counter intuitive, being on the part that "comes off" rather than on the part that "stays behind". Therefore, you must squeeze the button with the same hand you are pulling away with. The hose extension button is particularly confusing. It's an oval shaped rocker button that "rocks" very little. To extend the stainless steel hose, you have to remember which side of the button (top or bottom) to press. There is no distinction on which side to press, and it's always a matter of trial and error as I yank and tug at the hose while pressing top and bottom of the extension button.

Stiff no swivel hose - The hose rotates at the top (handle area), but does not swivel at the base where it connects to the machine. Instead of disconnecting and reconnecting to get rid of twists, I'd rather pick up the powerhead and spin it around to get out the twists. The flex hose diameter is larger than I'm used to, making the hose stiffer and difficult to store in the same closet where I used to store my old vacuum cleaner. Considering the price, an electrical slip ring would have been nice.

Bag full indicator - The mechanical bag full indicator is actually an indicator of how much the vacuum cleaner is straining to suck. Put your hand over the end to block suction and it will indicate bag full. Right out of the box on short carpet, it indicated bag full on high power. As I turned the power down, it indicated less full sequentially. You have to read the instructions about using the floor tool with the tool slightly off the floor to get an accurate reading from the indicator. Even at that, there are caveats about fine dust or pet hair that can fool the indicator.

Extra stuff? - The parquet brush comes attached with a short plastic extension that was difficult to plug directly into the stainless steel hose (button doesn't easily click into place). The extension isn't needed to connect the parquet brush, so you have to remove it and keep track of where you put it. To this day, I still haven't figured out what the extension is for, other than to connect other attachments that I might buy in the future. This is yet another piece with no place to store on the vacuum cleaner that I must ensure does not get separated for life (along with the parquet brush, "normal" filter cage, and replacement bags).

Symbol marking - The power symbol markings are not obvious at all, contrary to claims. Other than the symbols labels "Min" and "Max", you have to read the instructions to figure out what the other power symbols mean. At least the power seems to increase sequentially as you turn the dial clockwise. The Quite Mode is #4 of 6 settings (with 6 being the highest), and is therefore not actually the quietest but intended to be the "normal" operating mode. I think most people will consider "Max" the default mode.

Optional filter frame - This model comes with a HEPA filter, so you don't need the filter frame unless you're going to switch to the "normal" filters, but brand-new right out of the box the frame for the normal filters came with a broken cheap plastic handle, apparently due to the way it was shipped with the handle protruding out the cardboard wrapping. You don't even need the handle for the frame to function properly, but for the kind of money I paid, nothing should be broken out of the box. The vendor that I bought it from (Best Vacuum) replaced it for free.

So is Miele S5280 worth $800? It does a good job, but only time will tell...

By mom2serena (Charlotte, NC)
I never in my life imagined I would spend $800 on a vac. Seriously.

Many of my online mom friends were bragging about their Dysons. In our new house we have laminate floors thru the whole house, a few rooms have area rugs. We have a labrador, 2 cats, and 2 preschool aged children. The upright vacs were horrible on the hard floors, would always kick kitty litter back at my feet. I **HATE** kitty litter being kicked back at my feet. And none of the uprights would fit under the furniture. I wanted a cannister. We went to Sears, tried them all. I was so bummed out that the Dyson cannister didn't do a very good job. But happy I didn't spend $400 on it.

I saw a bunch of reviews raving about Miele S5280. I went to the company website and found a local dealer. Went there to check them out. The man that ran the shop was just one of those down to earth, good people. He asked what kind of floors we had, etc. He picked out a vac that he said was "mid-range", now that I've seen all the models, he actually picked out one of the lesser expensive models. It's rare these days when the sales people start you out at the low end, kwim? We must have asked him a zillion questions and he answered them all. And the best part was the carpet freshener he had, he sprinkled it out on the hardwood floor. It was just like the kitty litter at home. And not one single piece was left behind or kicked back at me. I was in heaven. LOL!

This guy was so nice, we decided to buy there rather than try to find the cheapest price on the net. I'm glad we did. He spent alot of time with us and spends his days repairing all brands of vacs. He threw in a box of replacement bags too. I love helping out the little guy, especially when they are good people. Turns out we paid the same price as most places are selling them anyway.

We came home, cleaned the whole house. And it was weird but the house actually seemed MUCH, MUCH cleaner than when I use my other vac. I am sold for LIFE on this Miele S5280.

It's **VERY** quiet, does its job the way it supposed to be done, comes with a power brush (that you can turn the beater bar off with a flick of the thumb switch) AND a hard floor non-powered head. The hard floor head is perfect for our house of laminate floors. I can do a few of the throw rugs with it too. It's EXCELLENT at getting all those darn little pieces that sit at the edge of the rug. Power brush is great on regular carpeting, and you can control the suction so you don't bunch up throw rugs when trying to vac them. YAY!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Electrolux EL 6988D Oxygen Canister Vacuum

Electrolux EL 6988D Oxygen Canister Vacuum

Electrolux EL 6988D Oxygen Canister Vacuum Features

  • O2 filter system with lifetime HEPA 12 filtration captures 99.5% of airborne dust and allergens
  • Power head's separate motor provides powerful carpet cleaning
  • Durable brush roll and lifetime belt; carpet height adjustment and fingertip controls
  • Quick-release wand system and premium accessories
  • Electronic indicator lets you know when to change the dust bag

Electrolux EL 6988D Oxygen Canister Vacuum Product Description

Sleek Swedish made Oxygen canister vacuums have won rave reviews from international design groups and allergists alike. Their brilliant color and modern design have captured almost as much attention as their allergy-trapping performance. A True HEPA sealed filtration system filters 99.97% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns. It has electronic speed control, a super silent motor and a very ergonomic design.

Exceptional performance, modern design, and brilliant color combine in this simple-to-use canister vacuum cleaner. The unit's power head offers a separate motor to drive thorough carpet cleaning, which can be witnessed through the clear window, and a low profile for easy access under nearly any kind of furniture. Quickly switch between carpets and hard floors by controlling the brush roll using fingertip controls--no need to bend and stoop to get the perfect kind of clean. Also, suction power control on the handle helps with specialty above-the-floor cleaning such as drapery and furniture. On-board tools for above-the-floor cleaning consist of an upholstery brush, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and a caddy. In addition, the vacuum provides the freshest, cleanest house possible with its long-life HEPA H12 filtration system, which makes the air coming out even cleaner than the air going in. Its superior filtration system captures 99.97-percent of dust and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. Plus, it uses the new auto-close system of the Electrolux s-bag, which prevents dust from escaping when changing the 2-quart-capacity bag. Every part of the vacuum, in fact, comes tightly sealed so no dirty air can escape. Other highlights include electronic speed control, a super silent motor, an electronic "full" dust-bag indicator, and an ergonomic design. Even more, with a durable brush roll and long-life belt, there's minimal maintenance over the life of the cleaner. The 1400-watt canister vacuum cleaner measures 9-1/2 by 12 by 18 inches and carries a two-year warranty.

Oxygen will give you the freshest, cleanest house possible right down to the air you breathe with a sealed HEPA H12 filtration system to make the air coming out even cleaner than the air coming in. The Oxygen's superior filtration system captures 99.5% of dust and allergens. And the Oxygen uses the new auto-close system of the Electrolux s-bag, which prevents dust from escaping when you change the bag. The Oxygen changes between carpet, bare floor and above the floor cleaning effortlessly. The quick release wand system, easy height adjustment and convenient premium accessories including the deluxe bare floor brush that gently cleans wood and tile giving you the choice you need and the level of clean you expect. Oxygen's power head has a separate motor to drive powerful carpet cleaning, which you can see through the clear window. Its low profile allows it to fit under nearly any kind of furniture. And a durable brush roll and long-life belt mean minimal maintenance over the life of the cleaner. With the Oxygen, there is no need to bend over to get the perfect kind of clean. Quickly switch between carpets and hard floors by turning the brush roll off with your finger. Also on the handle is suction power control to help you with specialty cleaning such as drapery and furniture. With an electronic dust bag indicator that tells you when the bag is full there has never been a more effective or convenient vacuum.

Electrolux EL 6988D Oxygen Canister Vacuum user reviews:

By William G. Buyok (Los Angeles, CA United States)
Electrolux EL 6988D Oxygen Canister Vacuum arrived quickly, on-time and as described. Purchased the refurbished version from CPO. Great product at a great price. Liked
Electrolux EL 6988D Oxygen Canister Vacuum so much I bough a second one for another home. Had a problem with the 2nd Oxygen: power head shorting out. CPO did not have a replacement to send; but, was helpful in referring me to Electrolux to get the warranty replacement. Electrolux's replacement power head was wrong and they quickly send another. Both still work great. A solid sign that both CPO and Electrolux stand behind their product and warranty and the hassle was worth the cost savings.

By JTuney "jtuney" (Illinois)
I also researched this Electrolux EL 6988D Oxygen Canister Vacuum before buying, looking for a vacuum that would be good for pet hair on both hardwood floors and area rugs. This one was rated best, and was less expensive than some others not so well rated.

I have one of the other (not red in color) Electrolux canister vacuum that I thought was a good vacuum, but just wasn't doing that well now that there are two hairy dogs in the house.

I'm very happy with this
Electrolux EL 6988D Oxygen Canister Vacuum . On bare floors, it draws light weight pet hair into the vacuum from areas around the power head (instead of blowing it away.) As other reviews indicated, on rugs or carpet, it is sort of lightly self-propelled. The handle with a large loop to it works well with this feature, making it easy to steer the power head. The brush and crevice tool have on board storage. I'm using the power head on bare floors as well as rugs.

Electrolux EL 6988D Oxygen Canister Vacuum is NOT hard to detach the power head/wand from the hose/cannister for storage. (It works like my old Electrolux, so I didn't need need the instructions, but these are very clear, and the pictures are helpful.) Please note: there are gray release buttons on the wand. The step-on pedal is to unlock the wand from the upright position to a free angled position. It doesn't detach anything. I'm afraid that the person who was stepping on this to knock down the vacuum used brute force to disassemble the thing, and it's no wonder the vacuum is in the shop.

There is more plastic and less metal on this
Electrolux EL 6988D Oxygen Canister Vacuum than on the older (not red) Electrolux's. Its also a lot lighter weight, more compact, and easier to carry.

Cons: With the powerhead running, this is not a quiet vacuum. (Dogs will run and hide.) I think this may be the loudest vacuum I've ever had, but it works the best.

By J. Schack "Tzu Zoo" (Long Island, NY)
This is the third vacuum we've bought in the last 4 years, and we finally found a winner! With 4 dogs, constant teenager traffic in and out and a combination of hardwood and tile floors and carpeted areas, this Electrolux EL 6988D Oxygen Canister Vacuum excels at everything. It has tremendous suction, it's lightweight and has attachments for every need. You can't go wrong with this vacuum.

Hoover Canister Vacuum S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless

Hoover Canister Vacuum S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless

Hoover S3765-40 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum - Make quick work of cleaning your floors & carpets with this powerful canister vacuum from Hoover. It's designed around Hoover's patented WindTunnel technology that's well known for it's superior cleaning ability. This canister vacuum also features bagless debris storage for quick & easy clean-up! Includes - 6 foot hose, telescopic chrome wands, crevice tool, dusting brush, furniture nozzle, powered hand tool, deluxe floor brush, & a filter cleaning brush Color - Chrome

Hoover’s latest canister stands out for its design-savvy looks, not to mention the fact that it cleans with powerful WindTunnel technology. Dirt particles are cleverly ducted away from the spinning agitators to ensure they’re captured in the bagless dirt cup and not sent back out onto the carpet. The HEPA filter traps minute allergen particles and conveniently removes for cleaning. Large, soft wheels allow the compact 12-amp vacuum--which looks like it could play a robot extra in Star Wars--to maneuver easily. Best of all, the handgrip features electronic control buttons for power on and off, variable suction (allowing smooth transition from wood floors to area rugs), and agitator action speed for carpets. Tools are easily attached to the telescoping wand, making it a snap to switch from cleaning floors to using drape and upholstery tools. A one-year warranty covers this unique vacuum against defects.

Hoover Canister Vacuum S3765 Product Features

  • Finger-Touch Variable Speed Control provides flexibility in varying suction
  • Deluxe Pump Handle design allows for near effortless control and operation
  • Bagless cansister vacuum with WindTunnel technology
  • 15 Power Nozzle styling has a low profile design for cleaning tough-to-get-at places
  • Includes HEPA filter and 1-year warranty

Hoover Canister Vacuum S3765 user reviews:

By Pumpkin (Redondo Beach, CA) - See all my reviews
I've had my Hoover Canister Vacuum S3765 for only a month, but I love it! I had an old upright and a Kenmore canister, but this Hoover Canister Vacuum S3765 is so much more powerful, light and a joy to vacuum with. I did a lot of research and believe this is a great value compared to the dyson and other vacuums.

By LW "carousel55" (Maine, ME) - See all my reviews
This is the first time I ordered a Hoover Canister Vacuum S3765 online but I am very please with it. It is a canister style which you cannot find in the stores anymore and also bag less, it has great suction and so easy to pull behind you. It is very light to lift for going up and down stairs and has a telescopic handle I am very pleased with my purchase. Also I went thru Amazon.com and it was also free shipping so a double bonus.....

By B. T. Denyer "Graphic designer" (Midwest, United States) - See all my reviews
I'll keep it short:
No more bags. I have only had to buy a replacement filter once since buying it over 2 years ago. We did a side by side comparison of another upright vacuum, and this pulled more dirt and more pet hair out of the carpet than the other one. Not by a little bit, but by a huge amount. I vacuumed the house before sending the other vacuum back. Then immediately vacuumed the house again: it looked as though I never vacuumed it with the other vacuum; the lint bucket was full. I hope this lasts 15 more years, because I never want to use another vacuum. Oh, I did have to go out and buy a bristle brush attachment.